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Hi! I’m Tracy Thompson. I’m a life coach. I can help you set goals, change behavior, understand why it’s so hard to change and teach techniques to use in your daily life.

It’s the small smile,

the short word,

the light breeze,

the quick hug,

the burst of rain,

the tiny moments,

it’s the little things

I’m in the middle of a mess in my mind

I’m in the middle of a mess in my mind

I’m in the middle of a mess in my mind. I’m a fixer. A connector. Sometimes I take on too many emotions. I feel their sadness so much and become desperate to help. I run around in circles in my mind. I don’t like to disappoint people. When I try to help too much, I...

Tracy’s wisdom and life experiences always connect with my life in some way and help me work through issues or goals that need support. She has a natural way of guiding me through my challenges to design possible solutions that are achievable. She is patient and kind, caring and empathetic. She is also completely unbiased, which helps me feel secure in sharing feelings that I might otherwise be afraid I’d be judged on.

Mary Herrington

I have known Tracy Thompson for over 10 years and know that she is an excellent mentor, that is personable and compassionate. She is articulate and can teach according to what is needed. Tracy is always heartfelt in her mentoring which makes it easier for her clients to connect with her. With Tracy’s inviting personality it is no surprise that she is able to maintain a great relationship with others around her.

Rebekah Heaton

I would highly reccomend Tracy Thompson as a mentor. She has the unique and sought after trait of being immensely passionate, for ideals and individuals alike. When Tracy speaks, you will listen. Not out of fear or intimidation, but out of respect and love she naturally evokes.

Morgan Erickson

Tracy has been my mentor since I met her 10 years ago. She took me in and always made me feel safe and heard. She always welcomes converstaions, and any questions I had. She responded with understanding , compassion and, patience. I think it is people like her that carry that ssweet and inviting spirit that touches hearts today.

Sarah Hu

Tracy Thompson is one of the most caring woman that  I know.  She thinks  things through for  individual problems and persons.  She is very creative, very helpful, and very trustworthy
Dawn Thompson

Tracy’s genuine expressive nature, is refreshing! I enjoy attending her small group classes. Tracy respects differences and offers individual insights along with practical steps for progress, change, and development. With her life experience, education, and innate insights, Tracy offers a life changing opportunity. I highly recommend Tracy to
anyone wanting the assistance of an enthusiastic, genuine Life Coach.

Mary Herrington

Tracy has been an irreplaceable support to me in times of transition. She actively listens to what I wish to accomplish in my life and helps me set REALISTIC goals in order to achieve it. She has assisted me in creating daily habits that have changed me into a more productive and positive version of myself. I feel that Tracy truly cares about my progress and shows genuine love for the person I am and the person I am becoming. ♥️

Leah Tillotson

Working with Tracy has been phenomenal! She has helped me in areas of my life I have literally struggled with all of my life. Living as an adult with ADHD can be extremely frustrating. However, Tracy gave me strategies to implement in my life and they have made so much difference. I’ll be forever grateful to her!

Heather Pogue

Tracy is an amazing coach! She is very dedicated, and you can tell that she really does put her whole heart into her work. She has given me so many helpful tips and practical action steps to take to get closer to reaching my goals. She is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable! I truly appreciate her and value the coaching she has given so much! One of the things that has been truly life changing for me is practicing journaling and my daily routine.

Dana Tilton