I got up this morning!

Sometimes that’s on my gratitude list.
It’s on the hard to do list for a lot of us.
We purposely plan for the snooze button
Growing up if you didn’t eat your food you were to
“Think of the starving children in Africa”
“Live your life as if it’s your last” or
“Treat people as if it’s the last day you’ll spend with them”
What happens if you don’t?
If you knew it was their last day would it be a happy day?
Exercise, eat right, be kind
“Just say No”
Remember that slogan?
Well intentioned but a bit naive
Or the parent guilt of
“Everything you say affects how they think about themselves”
Talk about a burden to bear
Does that make you want to have children?
Although these quotes are good,
And well intentioned
They can also be a tool we flog ourselves with
If someone dies unexpectedly
and we didn’t treat their last as if it was their last
What does that mean about us?
People wear that for years as a burden
Not taking into account all the love and beauty of the times before
Children starving in Africa is sad
and if they were sitting next to me at my table growing up
I would have given them my food.
We do what we can with who we are and
what we have depending on so many variables
Do you do good most of the time?
Life is an accumulation of experiences
So you messed up
Fix where you can and keep going
You’re going to screw it up sometimes
Brush yourself off
It will be ok.
If not today