My Friend <3

In doing my coaching business

 I’ve struggled in all the dynamics of it

Once when I was discouraged my friend asked,

“Do you want to do this?

I said, “Yes’ She said, 

“Someone is suffering, 

because you decided not to show up.”

Outside of my family she is the closest to me.

She is very good at getting to the heart of it.

And that hit me straight in the heart.

Who is suffering,

Because we decided not to show up?

It could be yourself.

Although her point was the suffering of others,

We also suffer when we decide not to show up for them.

I’m not saying, exhaust ourselves all day and every day.

I’m saying look at our lives and where we’re not showing up.

I had forgotten my motto:

Show up and Show Love.

Let’s make a small commitment today and sincerely

Show up and Show Love