Old and New

In Provo, UT there sat a tabernacle. Well loved.

The Tabernacle was built in 1898.

It had many extensive renovations but was barely used in 2010 when the inside was consumed by fire. Leaving only the outside brick walls standing. Many stood around mourning the loss of this piece of history.

In 2011 it was announced that the tabernacle would be preserved and made into a temple.


The temple was completed in 2016.

It is a beautiful building.

A few things inspired me;

The building was not being used much at the time and while the people vacillated on what to do it was taken out of their hands. Are there things that happen to us that are taken out of our hands? The death of a loved one, an accident. It is a deconstruction in our lives.

We stand around wondering what to do? Mourning the loss. We can feel like we are on unstable ground. So what do we do?

We Rebuild!

We dig! We hunt for what we need! What works! What doesn’t!

The walls of the tabernacle were 5 brick layers thick. 2 of the inside layers were taken off and replaced with concrete. The water table was 15 ft underground. They redid it to 40 ft. To give the temple a more solid base.
As we go through the rebuilding, the reconstruction,of our lives, we carry with us the old. The things from our past that are important. The understandings that stabilized us and made us stronger. We cherish the things that are important and let go of what doesn’t matter. And we add to it with a new understanding. Rebuilding. Creating a new us with the old.

The ending product was a beautiful mesh of the old and the new. Keeping what was good and beautiful and adding the good and beauty of today. Life is transforming and can put us on unstable ground.
Forest Gump’s mother was right,
“Life’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.”

The quote, “You have survived 100% every battle life has given you.” Is true!

You change everyday! How you change is up to you!