Turn back or go forward?

I visited Laie,HI a few years ago. A friend of ours who’s from there suggested we hike to Laie Falls. His wife had never been and he said it was only a 20 min hike.
So off the 4 of us went. 2 HOURS later our fearless leader asks if we had seen an opening on the right in the trees? (What? Should we have been looking for an opening this whole time? Haha!)
At this point we huddle together to figure out if we should keep going or turn around. We were not prepared. Only a half bottle of water was brought and his wife hadn’t had breakfast. It had been years since he had hiked there and obviously that had been too long for his memory ;D. There were no regrets. The hike itself was beautiful. But we hadn’t reached our goal.

So what to do?

Turn back or keep going?

It had been 2 hrs but we had come this far…

We decided to keep going…

5 minutes later we could hear them!

The Laie Falls!

They were not huge falls. They were small, But we were so happy to see them!

I later realized the true point of this story for me…

Success may be 5 minutes away!

What if we had turned around?

We wouldn’t have known what we missed just 5 minutes away.

How much had I missed in my life by quitting too soon?

I’m not saying I’ve been perfect at this, but it does come into my decision making.

Is this something worth pursuing?

Why did I start?

Is this what I feel called to do?

*If it makes you nervous, it’s probably worth it.
It ain’t big enough if it doesn’t scare the hell outta you*

If these answers still apply then I must keep going! And so should you!!


*quote from the song Daydream by Lily Meola