Who Am I?

We all have a story
I think you could say we have multiple stories
Who we are as a woman/man
Who we are as a friend
We have a story of who we are
But we also have a story of who we will be
Who creates this story?
Or maybe a better question is
Who have we allowed to create our story?
There are some things in life we can’t control
But there is also so much that we can.
How we think about things
How we express our emotions
Hope is in change sometimes
That we can become better
That tomorrow really is another day
Weather changes
Why not us?
Take it one degree at a time
Whenever I see a rainbow
I know that part of the world has been washed clean
We can become that too
Some things in the past can come back to haunt us
Remind yourself that it is just clean up from who you were
It is not who you are now.